Our Story

Bebelo was born on a cold and rainy winter's day. Seven days post-partum, and I was needing to take my daughter out for a medical appointment. The wind was strong and the rain was stronger, and I was adding layer upon layer upon layer of clothing onto her little body to try and keep her warm. Then came that dreaded sound. The rumbly bubbles out the back, and you know it's going to be a big one. Off went the layer upon layer upon layer of clothing. And then finally after the change, back on again. Then came putting her into the car seat. Her tiny body with so many puffy layers, I could barely get the seat belts over her. There has to be something better I thought, but as I began my search to find a warm sleepsuit, I struggled. Presented with dreaded press studs (your worst enemy at 3am) or thin cotton, or terry towelling fabric, or the worst offender, polyester... the fluffy fleecey teddy bear outfits that have all the coziness on the outside, and nothing against baby's body! A seed was planted...

After an extensive search, the perfect fabric found it's way to me. Ultra thick with a soft brushed back, and just that little bit of stretch that makes anything comfortable. And it was cotton! It was like finding gold.

With the help of a local pattern maker we set to work designing the ultimate sleepsuit that ticked all the boxes. Foldable hand cuffs, a comfortable fit, and of course a two way zip (no press studs here). 

We love our bebes, so the brand name was easy. But the product name needed some thought. Simply, our onesies are warm, so what would be a good fit? The light bulb went on... Warmzies. 

Our hope is to keep many little bodies warm and cozy, and we hope you love our Warmzies as much as we loved creating them!